Atom to be replaced

?Any1 know if the Atom processor is to be replaced anytime soon or if Arm or Athlon have anything better at the moment ,mainly in the NetTop arena OR if any of them have anyting in the pipeline in the near future; main things looking for low wattage & decent proccesing power?
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  1. Intel is working on a chip to replace the Atom. It's a good thing too, cause I used an Atom power netbook when it first came out and it was TERRIBLE! The comparable AMD version was SOOOO much better.
  2. Anytime soon ,OR is it 3-4 yrs away :pt1cable:
  3. No one knows.
  4. It's soon(2013)! Intel is working on next gen 22nm(SoC) Bay Trail to replace Cedar Trail.
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