Is my build good for bf3 (mi first build)

Is my build good for bf3 first time builder

Seagate barracuda 1tb7200rpm

Enthusiat series 750w corsair

Msi z77 g45 lga 1155 mobo

Radeon hd 7850 or gtx 570 dont know what to choose

i5 3570k ivy bridge

Windows 7 home premium 64bit

8gb ram g.skill
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  1. Please use the sticky at the thread named "How to ask for build advice." There's just so many questions that we can ask that will be answered if you fill out that form. Thanks.
  2. looking at the cpu ang gpu, i can say that it can handle bf3 and other games well enough...though, please follow the format so others may provide better answers :)
  3. whats your budget. btw the 7850 is a much better choice than the 570
  4. my budget is 1400$
  5. For 1400, you should be able to sneak in the GTX 670 + a good SSD. Unless of course you are not from North America and prices there are significantly more expensive.
  6. Where do you live?
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