In need of a good i5 3570k OC'ing guide

Hello guys, today i built my first very own PC. It took me 5 hours.. but hey :) It was a great achievement once i finished it :) went through some hurdles but nothing i couldn't manage to find the problem to :)

The specs i went for were

Asrock z77 extreme 4
8GB DDR3 G-SKILL RipJaws 1600MHz
Western Digital 500GB SATA III HDD
CiT Mid Vantage Gaming case (Quite impressed with this for the price, case is ridiculously cool, has 4 built in fans :))
Radeon 7870

So.. i am looking to overclock my i5. I currently have the stock cooler so i don't want to do a super OC. Around 4.0-4.2 would be fine, until i get some more knowledge about OC'ing and buy a better cooler. I have done some research and know a bit about OC'ing and that you have to change the voltage etc.. but how do you know how fast the voltage cranks up the CPU.

A little insight would be lovely :) Thanks guys
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  1. Just curious; why do you want to overclock that? What do you need that for?
  2. go here

    what motherboard are you using ?
  3. All I can say is: "WATCH THE TEMPS!!" The stock cooler is useless! When I overclocked mine with the stock cooler I was hitting high 80's/90's! Also for 4.0 GHz I don't think you need to touch the voltage just bump up the CPU multiplier :)

    Oh, and well done on building your first pc! It's a great feeling when it's done! ;)
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