Realtek audio drivers for intel 945 motherboard while using windows xp

I am having Dell Inspiron 1505 ,and got its motherboard replaced.
However ,when am trying to install audio driver from Dell website ,it halts and quits in between saying "No supported device found".

Not sure ,if I am installing the correct driver.
I have Intel i945GM chipset in my motherboard.

Does the error message signifies there is some fault in my motherboard or I am trying to install some wrong driver.

I would be really grateful ,if someone can help me out of this.
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  1. If you have replaced the motherboard with a non-standard one from Dell then the driver no longer applies to the motherboard. I can help you find your driver and get you on your way to having audio if you can post your motherboard model. If you do not know then download this program (HWmonitor) or (Speecy). Choose one only, Speecy is more user friendly but sometimes it gets the temperatures wrong but HWmonitor is quite accurate but not that good looking:
  2. Hey socialfox.........thanks bro for such a swift response...!!

    Anyways ....I already have a program installed in my laptop named as CPU-Z ,which says it gives complete system info for my system.

    Going by the output which it gave me , my motherboard have

    "Intel" chipset with i945GM Rev 03

    Manufacturer is Dell Inc.
    Model : 0MD666

    OS which I have installed is MS Win XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3

    And yes I got a non-standard motherboard installed from a local PC repair shop.

    My laptop is Dell Inspiron
  3. Is this a laptop/notebook? If I am reading this correctly, your motherboard model is 0MD666? If you could could you post up a printscreen/photo of CPU-Z showing that information, I want to make sure I get you the right driver. It also wont hurt if you do download one of the programs I have listed just to confirm the motherboard.

    Also you may want to try and download this, this here is a universal Realtek AC'97 driver so it may work if your computer audio driver is made by realtek:
  4. This is a laptop.
    Yeah ... 0MD666 is the model for my motherboard as told by CPU-Z.

    I will just install those 2 softwares for system info which u told me and will let u know.
    Meanwhile ,can you tell me you email ID wherein I can send u the screenshot as here in this column I can't see option of pasting/inserting the screenshot
  6. I have just send u the screenshots , both from CPU-Z and Speccy.

    Also , I have installed the universal Realtek AC'97 driver now. Am going to restart my system now , to see if that worked for me or not
  7. The universal Realtek AC'97 driver didn't worked for me :( :(
  8. Did the computer store replace your motherboard with the exact same model?

    I read upon this online, it seems for your laptop and most other dell laptops you must install the drivers in order. So I know it may be quite a bit of work on your side but you may need to uninstall all drivers and download the new drivers online and install them in order.

    If that does not work your problem is that the motherboard model is completely different or wherever you took your laptop to get serviced the person forgot to plug in the speaker wires into the motherboard. Is your speaker icon in the corner have an x on it? If so it needs a driver however if it does not have an X it may be disconnected.

    Link for order:

    Before you uninstall the drivers try this first, using the link below this download the audio driver and before installing it uninstall all other audio drivers you have installed prior to this one's installation.

    Link for drivers:
  9. Am not sure if the computer store put up an exact same model or not .
    Might be this is the issue as even after installing the drivers you told ,it didn't worked for me :(:(

    ......Anyways ,is there some way by which I can get the audio in my laptop even if the motherboard is not same as original..........not sure if I there is any possibility that I can put in some external device [or audio card sort of stuff] by which I can get the voice again.
  10. Well can you go back to the computer store and ask them for the model of the motherboard? If they did replace the model they should have told you about it since your drivers would be completely different.
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