Breadboarded: no ram, no beep,

I decided to upgrade many parts of my computer: new ram, new graphics card, new power supply. But before I was going to install them, I decided to give everything a good deep clean.

I took off fans, and unplugged my harddrives, and clean the accumulated dust off everything. I used 91% isopropyl alcohol, and did not use any on the motherboard.

I then plugged everything back in, and was going to clear off my old graphics card drivers. However, the computer failed to post, and no beep was heard.

I've read numerous posts now, and went through the 23 step procedure, a few times. Then I went ahead and pulled the motherboard out, and tried turning it on with only the cpu and the heatsink fan attached. No beep. Tried it with a stick of ram in every slot, no beep, no post. Reset the CMOS BIOS a few times, still nothing.

I tried using the new power supply as well, and that didn't work. I check the power on both power supplies with a multimeter. Everything is reading as it should, and the motherboard LED turns on, the fans run, the harddrives (while plugged in) also run. Everything is as theoretically it should be except no beeps, and no post.

I've also pulled the CPU heatsink fan off, cleaned up the thermal paste, pulled the CPU out, re-seated it, re-pasted, put the fan back on, plugged it in.

I'm guessing that some how either my motherboard got killed, or the CPU. Is there something I'm missing? I feel like I'm just forgetting to plug something in, however, both power cables are going in, the 8pin ATX and the 24pin.

These are the components that worked fine for years before I decided to clean things up:

Motherboard: Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe/ WiFi-AP Socket AM2+/ AMD 790FX/
CPU: AMD Phenom Quad Core Processor 9600 (2.3GHz) AM2+
Power Supply: Antec NeoHE 550 High Efficiency 550W Power Supply (the new one is an NZXT 850W)
Ram: Kingston DDR2 800 Dual Channel

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
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  1. borisklompus said:
    . Then I went ahead and pulled the motherboard out, and tried turning it on with only the cpu and the heatsink fan attached. No beep. Tried it with a stick of ram in every slot, no beep, no post. Reset the CMOS BIOS a few times, still nothing.

    Did you try breadboarding with the graphic card in place? (Board, CPU/cooler, 1 stick RAM in 1st slot, PSU, monitor)
  2. Does your motherboard have an LED to check for power? I know its a stupid question but maybe ...

    Also I think I found your motherboard on Newegg. Is this it?

    If so what video card are you running, and is that one plugged in if necessary?
  3. Hi clutchc and xavior2422,

    I did try breadboarding it with the graphics card in place.

    The card is: NVIDIA 6008072R 256MB DDR3 nVidia GeForce 7600GT Video Card PCI-E; it needs no separate power.

    The motherboard has 1 LED, which lights up green when the power supply is turned on. It does not change once I hit the actual power button on the computer tower. (the newegg link is the motherboard that I have.)

    I guess something is fried -- I don't know too much about what I'm doing, but I'd assume either there's some strange issue with the motherboard itself, the processor got friend, or maybe the BIOS chip is dead? What can go wrong on the motherboard itself which is not easily replaceable? I also can't think of what I would have done to fry any of these things except maybe a static discharge.. but I've worked with a lot of other electronic components over the years and have never actually fried something in that way before.

    Could something have happened to the processor when I removed the heatsink fan? (everything was off and unplugged of course, and I didn't actually make contact with the processor while removing the fan.)

  4. I've been in a similar position before, but in my case I had just messed up my power / reset / led light connections on the motherboard. You've got those plugged in the right spots right?

    I'd say something could have happened to it, but I wouldn't think so. At this point I'd make sure you have the power button connection hooked up right and go from there. You said you have reseated everything already and you aren't getting any response when you press the power button so that's what I would check. Once you see the CPU fan kick on then you've made progress.

    I'm one to mess up the simple parts myself and wind up with a headache over things that make me wanna *facepalm*
  5. Oh, and I'd say the green light is a good sign. You might still have dead parts, but the motherboard is less likely to be the culprit
  6. Did you check CMOS battery? Should be 3V
  7. Hi Dodger46, I checked the battery. All is good with it. The computer is 4 years old now, was surprised to see the battery was still perfect.

    Xavier2422: thanks for the tips, will go over the leads from the power switch and leds again. The cpu fan does spin when I hit the power button, and the motherboard heats up, like everything is running fine. I even tried using a different speaker, hoping that the original was just blown, but no dice.
  8. Just checked cost of replacement mobo, they certainly hold their price - sign of a good one! Cheapest on Ebay, still around $100. But if you can't get it to work, the cheapest next diagnostic would be to buy or borrow a cheap Sempron rather than a new mobo, you can always sell it on once you've checked.
    Pretty unusual to blow a CPU, usually the last component to die, but you live in hope!
  9. If, while breadboarding, your CPU cooler fan spins and the green light comes on, I would try a different graphics card to be sure it isn't the problem. Did you remove the processor during the cleaning? If so, check that you didn't bend a pin during re-seting. Or that a pin didn't break off. Also take a look at the CPU socket. I once had a board that the plastic socket cracked on it. The board was totally useless after that.

    If all else fails, the board would be the likely culprit. Unless physically damaged, I doubt the CPU is the problem.
  10. Yeah, the board is still expensive, almost what I paid for it. I was going to upgrade my setup to squeeze the last year or two out of it. I think it's now counter intuitive to upgrade and have to replace a board which does support the not quite latest technology, when the money spent towards new ram and graphics can go towards a new cpu and motherboard to last me the next bunch of years.

    I like the idea of trying a cheap old processor to see if it's not that. I am almost tempted to buy a new BIOS chip as well.. Just figuring that if it isn't either of those two things, the impossibility of repairing the motherboard as apposed to replacing it.

    Thanks for the ideas. I think I'm going to go the new cpu/motherboard route.
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