Bad Ram or Bad Graphics Card?

I have a computer i built. It only has one problem. It for some reason after a couple hours the screen freezes and show a bunch of dots and weird wavy lines all over the screen in different colors. Then I turn off the computer. Then I turn it back on the next day and it happens again the next day after hours of use.

I have an EVGA Nvidia GTX 560 ti and 16gb of spectek ram.

Obviously the RAM is and off brand so i believe that may be the problem.

I have warranty on my all of my parts.
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  1. Do you have integrated graphics? If so, just remove your GPU and try running your comp. If it solves the issue then its the GPU.

    Do you have spare RAM? Try switching them out (remember to put the GPU in). If that resolves the issue then it is the RAM.

    If those do not resolve the issue, then we need more information starting with the rest of your PC components. Do you have the latest drivers? GPU heat? etc..
  2. Yeah, a bad memory stick can cause you to blue screen and can definitely cause instability when overclocking.So bad ram does affect CPU Overclock stability.
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