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Can My PSU hold my processor and video card?

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October 23, 2012 8:09:33 PM

Hello everybody , 1st i want to apoligies for my extra bad english , pls exuse me :)  , and next i want to ask u a question so ...
My system is a bit old i have
Asus P5Q
intel q9550
Corssair xms2 800mhz 2x2gb
Palit radeon HD4870 1gb
500gb hitachi
dvd rw .... etc case as well :) 
My question is , i recently upgraded over my old e5200 oc to 3.6 (it was fine 4 ghz but hot a bit)
i get the 9550 to play gta 4 cuz it was terible with e5200 , now everything is fine but i notice something fly around my mind and makes me nervous .
1st can my GX650W handle my video and my processor power consumption , and i also had a look into my NB Temps wich i dont rem if i noticed when i was using e5200 but i saw the temps are 46-50 in my 16-20 C room . Other hand my q9550 never goes over 45C usualy sits in 30C idle and 45-48 full load and its oc to 3.4 .
Please tell me if i can run my system withouth lorries , and if it will be safe to put it to 3.6 or 3.8 i have tested it on 3.6 with 1.26V its perfectly stable under prime also if u could tell me how much i can push the procesor voltages . Im using thermal right 120A with 120mm fan on it .

Thanks everyone for the help , Best regards Nikolay

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October 23, 2012 8:44:40 PM

You should be fine running your system on the 650W PSU.
I would think you should be able to get 3.8 but that is chip dependant - watch your temps.
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October 23, 2012 8:49:05 PM

Yes the power supply will be able to support your build with enough watts left for an upgrade of other parts. Your computer roughly uses about 400 watts at 100% load, so you have around 200-250 watts left. I will say your good for an overclock to 3.4-3.6ghz, your CPU max temperature it reaches before it downclocks is 71.4 degrees. However I suggest you overclock by 100mhz increments and run prime 95 for a few hours to ensure stability and record the temperatures. You don't want to run your computer at exactly 71.4 degrees or near there but I would say stop overclocking at around 60-65 degrees because there are other factors like room temperature that affect it and it will change in the summer.
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October 23, 2012 8:58:15 PM

Ok thank you both for the reply , i was realy worried about my psu . Ok i will push it a bit more , my ram overclock well 960 mhz withouth change in voltage so i think its not prob to get higher fsb since multi is locked . i got 95w tdp sample , what are good high voltages that i should use with this cpu , i read some topics , but i would like to know 1st hand for my own better expirience :)  3.6 is stable at 1.28v , but 3.8 i think it wants alot more juice to get stable .
October 23, 2012 9:04:51 PM

ahh and one more thing about Northbridge temps , they are around 46-50 all the time , usualy 48-49 , i've put a little fan over it i think 40mm or something but temps didnt changed mb i just dont get 50 i think :D  all temps i mean in celsius :) 
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October 23, 2012 9:29:00 PM

Well is that little 40mm fan installed as intake or exhaust? You want to install it as an intake fan, in addition its also a small 40mm fan so it will barely put a great amount of air unless it something like 3000-4000 rpm. Also northbridges are notorious for running hot, if you know how to then I would suggest replacing the thermal pad/tape it comes with and replace it with Arctic mx-2 or any other NON-conductive thermal paste (only non-conductive).
October 23, 2012 9:44:04 PM

i laready changed with termal paste yesturday with some thermalright one . im limited with the space cuz of the thermalright 120 and my video card so i had to put a small fan , and yea it could be a little bit bigger :)  i already bought thisone so im just wondering if this temps are going to make any hurt to the chip :)  thanks for responses btw :) 
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October 23, 2012 9:56:02 PM

50 degrees is fine nothing to worry about too much, if you did install the fan correctly and it did not change much in terms of degrees then you may lack airflow in your computer case. Nonetheless, your motherboard temperature is acceptable, there are people I know who reach 60,70 and even 80 degrees! :pt1cable:  So to sum up, your chipset will be fine, if you can you could change your fans to higher rpm ones to improve airflow and have positive pressure in the case. This meaning more intake fans than exhaust(but at least have 1 exhaust fan).
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October 23, 2012 9:57:18 PM

High ripple and noise on +3.3V would likely show up as instability as that is the line feeding your RAM.
October 23, 2012 10:12:35 PM

at the moment i dont have any budget to change my psu , and yes i was wondering when i bought it how could something that expensive for its time , to be so much loud :)  i just want to know that the system will work or i should give back q9550 tomorow to get my money back and stick with e5200 :( 
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October 23, 2012 10:18:35 PM

In my opinion the q9550 is worth the money you paid for (hopefully you got it for a good deal) compared to the e5200 which lacks in today's standards for gaming. Like I said before you should overclock by small 100mhz increments, you will notice when you have a problem with the power supply or the stability of the cpu when it fails the torture test on prime 95. Realizing now thanks to jtt283's post your power supply is indeed the lower end cooler master power supplies and probably cant supply 650 watts but probably around 550 watts. Nevertheless, you still have some room around to work with your cpu but as soon as you can afford it you should change to another power supply. If you need help with choosing another power supply just open a new thread or you can just drop a private message and I will help you select a quality one from good brands like antec, xfx, seasonic etc.
October 23, 2012 10:27:36 PM

i see :(  ok so keep my cpu on 3.4 or 3.6 or try to bump it up to 3.8? i would like to put it on 3.6 :D  its stable just dont know about if i burn my pc or psu :)  , i realy am on very thin budget , and i realy dont want to comment the country i live in and payment here etc ... so i would like to stick with this system for a while and mb after some time to get new generation components like i5 , i7 etc :)  but it could take an year or more untill i can afford such pc :)  my bigger concern is my psu and chipset temps , so i hope as u said that i will be fine with this temp of the chipset , and i just hope my psu wont let me down :)  Thank u all for the great help :)  its the 1st time im writing in the forum , usualy i always read around :D  it was great :)  thanks again
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October 23, 2012 10:33:44 PM

If your at 3.6 ghz right now and its perfectly stable then keep it there, also if you do know all your computer specifications could you post it here including the fans in the computer. I can calculate how many watts you are using including your overclock (include you voltage on the cpu) and we can see how far we can utilize the power supply and the cpu.

Also no need to worry about stating your country here, you are not required to do it and we respect your privacy :) 
October 23, 2012 10:48:14 PM

Well i already told most of the parts of my pc , i use to have open pc case i never had heat problems only 120mm fan on the cpu and this on the chipset wich i mounted today earlier ) 40mm .... before i had 2x80mm fans 1 on front one on the back of the case .... but they were not rly good and i just opened the case and removed them , im thinking of geting 2x120mm fans this is the max i can put in my case one for the front and one for the backside and to close the case ... do you think it is a good idea? or just keep it open ..... so anyway all my parts i wrote in my question clean asus p5q , Palit 4870 sonic 1GB , 2x2 gb corssair xms2 800mhz , q9550 proc , hitachi 500gb hard disk , and ofc my psu :D  gx650 thats all also i conect keyboard , mouse , webcam with mic , and 2 joypads :D  and my stereo ofc ) i dont know if all this trash matters :)  but i told u all :D 
October 23, 2012 10:54:39 PM

ahh my voltages atm i use 1.22 on the cpu = 3400 mhz , 1.26-7 its 3600 mhz dram is on defoult voltages ...... NB and other settings are all on defoult for 3400-3600 i had to change only little bit cpu voltages . 3400 i can get with auto but than stupid cpu put 1.30v :D  so i prefer to set manualy i little more than standart 1.16 1.120
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October 23, 2012 11:02:31 PM

The maximum your computer will use with 15% capacitator aging and it uses 464 watts which is good since your far away from 650 watts and most likely far from what your power supply can actually provide. Also I suggest you keep the case closed and install two 120mm, the front one in intake position and the rear one in exhaust position. Look at this diagram for more information:
October 24, 2012 7:08:44 AM

Ok thanks i will get the fans today , i will post my temps after , i hope also it is not going to be very loud .
October 24, 2012 3:22:23 PM

Oki :)  i installed new fans , one back side + i got it blue and shiny :)  hehe and one on the front panel and i closed the case + ofcourse the fan on the northbridge i got my cpu stable under prime on 3600mhz with 1.24V i could try even to lower it but i dont feel like i want to touch it anymore it pissed me last days with this upgraid :)  its little bit louder now not that much the max cpu temps was around 40 few times just for seconds get 45-46 but then go back around max of 45 i think even 50 Degrees C are not bad for this cpu . Very nice suprise goes for the chipset , now with airflow in my case :D  i got it under 40 degrees after 20 mins of prime it still holds 38 C so in the winter i hope i can be happy with temps around 45 max i hope :)  I just pray to God that my "great" GX650 will hold on as much as it can ) i have one more question for u Socialfox , do u mean i use 464W all the time , or just under load? and what i can expect for it to be in idle :)  Thank u all very much for the nice advices and make it clear that g4y pc dealers sell me bad PSU for money i could get something with better quality :)  as i said : i pray to Dear God it will do its job :) 
Finaly i got q9550 stable at 3.6 with 1.24V
Northbridge 38-39 C (from 50 before)
also my video card and hdd temps went down :) 
My final toughts even with my poor english are that , i usualy only read this forum and i havent realise that it help so much sometimes with something so small like close ur case and put 2 fans in it , or just the knowedge that my psu will mostlikly survive the stress of my cpu and video card :)  I am near happy now except the louder noise in my room :)  Thanks and if someone could tell me how to mark threat as SOLVED :)  Cheers
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October 24, 2012 4:50:26 PM

Haha, I am glad you got your problems solved the closed case allows a decent streamline of airflow to exist, with a open case the air escapes thus causing terrible airflow. As for your temperature, those are really good and your overclock is successful because of the good temperatures. What I mean by 464 watts is when your using your computer at 100% load so like playing a intense game like crysis or simply running furmark/prime95. Anyways to mark your thread as solved choose a best answer to whoever helped you out the most :)  by selecting on of the replies and clicking choose as best answer.

All the best,

Socialfox :) 

Drop a private message if you ever need any help and dont have time to wait for a response in a thread/
October 24, 2012 5:15:27 PM

Oki after using my computer for a couple of hours my chipset temps with hard gaming ofc went up to 44 after it droped down to 40s again wich is fine but i think that my room is rly cold i will see what happen in winter when temps go higher :)  anyway im near happy now i will see what happens when it get warm in the room :p  i also slowdown the fans a little bye and thanks
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October 24, 2012 6:43:39 PM

Okay 44 degrees is good for a northbridge at load, anyways don't forget to choose best answer.
October 24, 2012 8:07:41 PM

:)  maybe a little more specific instructions how to do it and dont laugh at me i realy write in this great forum for 1st time :)  so my new problem is :
How to chose best answer in Tomshardware forum , and how to mark threat as solved thx :) 
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October 24, 2012 8:31:36 PM

well view your thread here:

Do not click reply and for everyone's post there should be a button that says choose as best answer. If not then you should contact a moderator to select the best answer for you.
October 24, 2012 9:46:25 PM

hey well i've checked it out and i found that i post thread as a "discussion" and not like a "question" , and since im looking for opinion and advice i dont think its a "question " where i would like to have an exact answer , so i dont think its manner to change the status of my thread to rate the best answer , but anyway for the Record SOCIALFOX is the guy who helped me The Best , thanks :) 
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October 24, 2012 10:00:08 PM

No problem buddy, best answer isn't the only way to show your appreciation, you've shown enough appreciation by saying thanks :) 

All the best,

Socialfox :) 

Drop a private message if you ever need help again from me.