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Ok so ill try and make it as short as possible. I used my old 5770 in my cousins pc and it worked fine untill a few months ago. There is nothing physically wrong but it wouldn't start or when you did the windows 7 loading screen was a circle triangle etc. symbol ( its hard to describe what it looks like on my own memory), Then would crash if you tried to do much of anything. It also gained massive heat supposedly and dust was caked into the fins. So I put one of my own gtx 460s in it worked perfectly fine in his pc. So I made the assumption that it was the 5770 that went dead. Well I took the heatsink off to check for warping and there was none. So I then took it to a pc store and they couldn't find anything wrong by looking at it and they put the heat sink back on with some thermal grease. Well just now since i had to take my 460s out to clean, I decided what the hell ill just try this and what do you know its somehow working. Im actually using it to post this as we speak with no drivers. Anyone have any idea if im just lucky or could heat or something been the cause? Is there anything I can do to really be sure?
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    It was simply just overheating due to the dust, causing artifacting among other things. Clearing the dust allowed the card to cool properly.
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