Need URGENT help with Cooler master hyper TX 3 Evo in AM3 socket

Hello everyone need some advice...

i am confused..due some money issue i got my hands on CM hyper TX 3 EVO instead of 212 EVO..( also my case is kind of small ,212 could not fit in that)..i installed the fan...but got a real problem i have Gigabyte mobo GA 880GM UD2H....with AM 3 i CAN NOT install my cooler as shown in the link( As shown in link fan of the cooler facing in the direction of exhaust )

with AM3 socket i can mount cooler only as it's fan facing downward direction.. now my temperature is as it was before with stock cooler......not even a improvement of 1 degree :cry: :cry: ....just don't know what to do now.....
here is the link of my CPU showing how it looks....
please help guys........

cooler is getting hot air both from above(via PSU) and below (via GPU) in this position..i think i had done bad investment without thinking.......
is there any thing i can do to improve my cooling....or can i mount my cooler in AM 3 socket so it's fan can face as shown in above link

any help will appreciated.thank you soo much in advance....
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  1. wr6133 said:

    not getting any should help me rather telling me spambot.... :( :(
  2. you're getting lots of help in your multiple other threads but here we go

    1 - The PSU is sucking in air NOT blowing hot

    2 - If there is no improvement on stock then it's because you have screwed up. Try removing the cooler, cleaning all paste off properly, repaste then remount. The cooler works fine pointing that way yes its not perfect but it will do it's job.

    3 - What are you calling "no improvement" you know at idle there will be little change its at load you should be seeing lower temps.

    4 - You can only mount the TX3 that way the photo you post showing the otherway is not a TX3
  3. DERP
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