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Hey there.

I have found two laptops that I really like.
I will mainly use these laptops for school and travel (so I'm not worried about how fast they start up or come back when you shut them off). I also want to play games on them in case I decide to go to someone's house for one of those lan-parties or travel somewhere (like school) and get bored.

The first one (Gateway NV55S02u)is for $360 and has:
AMD A6-3400M
HD 6520G

The other (HP Pavilion dv6-6140us) for $500 one has:
AMD A8-3500M
HD 6620G
(also has a blue ray player that the other one doesn't)

All the other stuff (camera, keyboard, HDMI port) are basically the same, just different styles.

Also might be good to know that I've had problems with HP in the past, just saw this and thought it was a super good deal. (Never had a Gateway before)

Which would you say was the better deal?
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  1. Sorry forgot to add that I will not be using heavy gaming, just playing everything on medium (though preferably high) would be fine.
  2. If you could provide a link to them it might help. (assuming you haven't purchased.) I too have had problems with HP and haven't had a gateway. But I would be inclined to say gateway for that reason alone, though any maker can have problems, and any computer. the A6 should be less powerful, but also less money.

    As for gaming, I don't think either of them are gonna give you overly good performance... I have a desktop Llano A8 3870k ... and it only gets 30 fps in most newer games (wow can get 45-80 easy...). But I doubt even the newer model laptops are gonna get a lot more than that. A bit over $500... like 6-700 gets you in the range of a true dedicated card...

    Assuming you absolutely can't go any higher, the hp is the best deal for the money, assuming it all works and your only choosing between those two... that said, i'd still get the a6 personally LOL!

    My advice would be to wait a bit longer and save for a dedicated gpu.... ( clevo/sager 11in laptop or another brand with dedicated gpu). If you can't you might check out the Samsung Series 3 NP305V5A-A04US. tiger Direct has it for 500... no bluray but its a samsung :-) ... other people are saying their getting 50 fps cod maxed....

    Also I should point out, I'm no expert, and I couldn't find either of those you listed at the price you stated.... I would advise looking at something other than HP, and read ALOT of reviews to make sure your gonna be satisfied with performance of the APU integrated graphics... If i was purchasing for myself, samsung or gateway would have my money...
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