Random computer freezing

I have no idea what is wrong with my computer. It started freezing during video games, not really any other time. I updated my graphics driver, I have live update 5 and updated my bios and a few other things. All that did was make it to where my computer wont boot with my mouse plugged in. After all this it is still freezing and i have to unplug my mouse every time it boots up.
When it freezes the screen stops and my music will get stuck on a note.
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  1. Think it is just overheating? I've cleaned it and rewired it for a more direct airflow through it.
  2. Lol, i was kidding. Whats your processor and ram?
  3. Sorry please ignore this form troll above.^
  4. 8 gb of ram, i'm not sure the type. I was gifted this by an IT so i'd like to believe it would all be compatable. My processor is an AMD Pendom II Black edition on a MSI 870s g46 motherboard. My graphics card is a Nvidia 8800 GTS
  5. Ran a heat test and my cpu is sitting at 52C and my gpu is sitting at 60C
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