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sorry for may English, I wanna say that I'm about to buy a new Pc in cyber Monday so I need your help. I looked at this computer

and I wanna say that I looking for Pc that help me to play 1 game called League of Legend, and it does not need power full Video graph I believe. But I wanna buy this monitor "ViewSonic VX2703MH-LED 27-Inch LED-Lit Monitor" its by 280. so you now what I need plus the pc I use it for daily life movie and browsing and that game too . so help me if what I picked was right our I can found better than that .. ooh I need to buy video card for that one no, but not expensive.
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  1. I would recommend you build your own computer for much cheaper, but relating to that computer I would say its an overkill in terms of cpu and ram. You could buy a barebone kit from tigerdirect like this one, but buy another power supply since it comes with a terrible one:


    or get this and buy a HD 7770 or something better with leftover money:


    The point I am trying to make is League of Legends is not really that demanding compared to modern games but at the same time your monitor is 27 inches so if you play at your native resolution your going to need a good video card.
  2. but I don't like amd
  3. so any more help ppl
  4. Well how do you like this barebone kit, it costs just about the computer but performs better:
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