Did My CPU Fry? Or My Mobo? Need Help!

Long story short, I unplugged my PC while running to move it to a new location. (I was drunk, and asking me why I did that isn't helping anything) Upon trying to start it up again, I got only a black screen, and could not shut down my PC without again unplugging it (not even holding power button). After troubleshooting everything, my buddy let me borrow his MOBO and CPU. Works just fine, which eliminates everything else as the possible problem. So it's my mobo, or it's my CPU. (or both?)

I went to Fry's yesterday and the guy there thinks it's my mobo, since he doesn't think it's likely the CPU would've gotten juiced like that, and considering I couldn't use the power button to power down the PC, it was likely the MOBO that fried.

So I bought a new mobo from Newegg and it'll be here tomorrow. Question is now, if in fact my CPU fried (maybe they both did?) and I throw it in my new MOBO, will it screw up my new board?

Can anyone confirm or deny what is most likely to have burned out and whether or not I should slap my old CPU in the new board and give it a shot?

Thank you so much!

--- relevant original hardware ---

Gigabyte 790FX UD3 Motherboard

Phenom 965

4x2GB GSKill Memory

Thermaltake 850W Silver rated

Crossfired XFX 5850's
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  1. It is very unlikely that the CPU would fail.
    CPU's have longer lifespan compared to motherboards.
  2. I would also says it is your motherboard, what brand was the motherboard? I have had this happened to me (and I wasnt drunk :pt1cable: , just joking around) during blackouts. I believe the CPU has certain protection features that help it with these types of issues. If I am reading this correctly, you are claiming the computer is stuck at a black screen after pulling the power cord from the power supply while it was on? Not sure why it was your motherboard that got fried since I did this myself when I was a kid just for fun on old computers and they did not fry. Did you perhaps switch the red switch on the power supply while on? That sounds more of a reason to fry your motherboard.
  3. I would suspect the motherboard too. Check around the board for any burn marks where a short could have occurred.

    You should have no problem putting your CPU in the new mother board as long as they are the same socket and you are sober :p.
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