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Im looking to get this GPU but how does it compare to the 6870? Also would one of the 6950s be able to run 3 monitors and still keep up? or would dual 6870 be better for the Eyefinity? Thanks!
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  1. i've got 3 x 24" screens in ifinity.
    it seems to keep up okay.
    i was playing assains creed2, it does'nt lag.
    when in ifinity it creates a new resolution.

    I did use two 6770's in crossfire, but 1 x 6950 performed better.

    maybe 2 x 6870's will do better than my earlier test.

    a mate of mine uses 2 x 6850's. he said it works like a boss :)

    hope this helps. cheers, Rolly

    side note, read up on flex version of cards, vs display port adapters etc. cheers =)
  2. How would it run most games on a single monitor?
  3. eyefinity is a setting. it's based on profiles.

    i turn mine on and off.

    if it's off, games run on the 'main' screen. for my pc, the middle screen.
    it's handy.... i run monitoring tools on the other screens so i can see temp, processing power, memory in use etc

    & BigMack70 is right, i think some games you'll need to turn the settings down if using eyefinity, most games seem fine on one screen thou (ie. not laggy on high settings).
  4. BigMack70 said:
    See the link above. In the time it took you to post this and wait for a response, you could have found out for yourself. ;)

    I was just in a rush when I posted this, did not have time to actually look up, but after having a chance to look at that link, it sounds much better than i thought, i did not think it was better than the 560ti either.

    Also, That is a pretty cool feature about the Eyefinity where you can just turn it on or off, i though you would have had to go into the setting and reconfigure it every time. Im not sure if i am every going to have triple monitors, but i want to have the ability to if down the road i decide i want to.
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