How does this build look?

Thermaltake Armor A90
OZC ZT Series 750W PSU Fully Modular
Samsung DVD RW
Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200RPM Sata 3 16 MB
ASRock Z77 Extreme 4
8GB DDR 3 Corsair Low Profile 1600mHz
i5 3570K
Gigabyte GTX 670 WindForce OC edition
Cooler Master Hyper EVO 212
Crucial M4 SSD 64GB Sata 3

Will everything fit the case?will i be able to SLI,Overclock?Will i get bottleneck?
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  1. I see no problems here. Just double check your motherboards RAM compatibility to avoid any possible headaches.

    This is just me, but I like corsairs closed loop liquid coolers. I have the radiator hooked up in my antec 1200 on the inside, with the case fan blowing in, and I can turn the corsair fan all the way down, and it's dead silent, without losing out on good temps. phenom II x4 955 from 3.2 to 3.8 ghz idles 31-35 c depending on ambient temps, and tops out at 41-47 c.

    I'm one of those guys who doesn't like a giant heat sink. I move my pc from time to time, as well, and have never had any issues.
  2. I assume so, any decent mid tower case will fit the biggest components. However I wouldn't go with this one, looking at images of it I cant imagine cable management would be easy and temps inside the case arent all that great compared to others. I would get a Coolermaster HAF or Corsair case (depends on which aesthetic you like) at the same price.

    Yes, that board has 8/8 dual slots so you can SLI.

    The motherboard and processor support overclocking and you have the cooler to do it.

    Only bottleneck in there is the HDD, see of you can get an SSD as well. Also look for the Seagate Barracuda models with 32 or 64MB cache's on them, they will perform better.
  3. Everything is fine it will fit case you will be able to SLI & OC to a certain extent granted your chip is good if so you'll be able to overclock your CPU to 4.4 GHZ -4.5GHZ any higher the 212 EVO won't cut it but i don't think you need to O.C. past that anyway do you ? And no it won't bottle neck
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