560 ?

Hi ive got around 150 pounds and more if need be i have 8gb ram and x4 645 amd 3.1ghz im looking to upgrade my very very old gts 250 and was looking and don't know what one to get. i want it to be able to play most games at high and world of Warcraft thats very important :) so yeah please help me chose im so confused :(
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  1. Get the best video card that fits in your budget.


    That should give you an idea.
  2. yep, that's fine.
  3. will it run what i need it to?
  4. LOL, I don't read minds. What do you need it to run?
  5. I said in my post -_- you dont need to read minds lol and i just ordered it im sure it will be fine
  6. Doh! WoW...yeah, it will be fine for that.
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