Can a 560 be better than a 560 ti?

Hi all

Store I ordered a system from had Asus 822 mhz 560ti's. They were out of stock when I ordered it, and now apparently will be stocking Asus 850mhz 560 (non ti)

The 560 TI had 822 mhz/384 cuda cores/ 1645mhz shader clock /4008 mhz mem clock

The 560 non ti has 850 mhz/ 336 cuda cores/ 1700mhz shader clock / 4200mhz mem clock

Since these numbers mean nothing to me, and the two cards are the same price ($230 Canadian), are they about the same performance wise or is the TI version better (even with lower numbers).

I can't get a TI from the store, but can pick up a 6870 ($30 cheaper) or just order a 560TI from newegg or tigerdirect.
Just curious if the higher clock speeds mean that this non ti could be better than the TI model, or if I completely misunderstand how this works. (Likely)

Thanks for any help/suggestions/pointers you can offer!
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    the 560 ti is the better card, Infact it beats a 6870. But not enough exactly cut the 6870 from the shopping card if its worth saving 30$.. Not only higher clock speeds make a card powerful. Having those extra Cores make a difference
  2. They made a 448 core variant of the 560ti for a while too for the same price. Hunt one down.
  3. gtx 560ti is better then gtx 560. thats all..!
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  5. Thanks all!
  6. And just so were clear, when i said the more cores make a difference part.... I meant the difference between the 560 and 560 ti. I know my cards and know that a 560 ti is wayyy better than a 6870
  7. Glad one of us had the Answer you were looking for. if you need further help. Please feel free to fill a new thread or simply send us a PM
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