Will my power supply be able to support this?

im planning on buying a gtx 690 when it releases. i read that it is speculated to have a 650w requirement.
my power supply is the Corsair HX-850 watt power supply.
i also plan on buying an i5 3570k when it releases. can i run those two things? or will my power supply struggle?
i will overclock the cpu to about 4.5ghz.
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  1. Your PSU will be damn fine! It could power up even the new CPU + 2x GTX 680 SLI
  2. Yes you're so fine no problem at all, seeing that the GTX 590 maximum power consumption was 333W i guess the GTX 690 will be lower than that based on the 28nm process or maybe in the same range. This gives you a wide room for OCing even without putting the PSU in stress position.
  3. enter the specs of your pc here to calculate the amount of power u need
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