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I jumped the gun and purchased a 7970 to swap out my gtx 480 with. I have a 3 monitor set up I really wanted to take advantage of.

I was thinking of going with the gtx 680 but I couldn't find them in stock anywhere and the cards are pretty similar.

In any case, I'm not sure if I plan to OC the 7970, although I probably will at some point, but I do want to bring the temperature and most importantly noise level down.

In regards to the Arctic cooler Xtreme for the card, does anyone know if it is possible to remove the cooler and replace it with the reference cooler in the future if I need to, particularly for warranty purposes?

I couldn't find this information online anywhere.

Heres the link to the product:

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  1. I actually purchased the 480 from Best Buy, it wasn't working properly so I was able to have it claimed under the extended warranty. I got the 7970 w/o having to pay anything for it since my 480 was around $500 when I bought it two years ago.

    I think I'd need a pretty beefy PSU for 480s in SLI.
  2. I wish I was able to go with a card that had a better cooler I could only choose between the options available to me and all only had a reference cooler.

    I haven't received the card yet it should be coming soon though. Does anyone know how loud it is vs a 480? They seem comparable in benchmarks which is worrisome because the 480 sounded like a vacuum cleaner under load.
  3. Quote:
    You are correct about the psu.
    What happened to the 480?

    I started getting bad artifacts in games, the cooler would run at load speeds even when it was idling. The next week it just stopped outputting anything to my monitors.

    It was strange b/c it was working great up to that point, it was a Zotac brand.
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