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Was reading around on here and couldn't find anything but here's my problem. I have an HP laptop and last couple days the when i turn it on the fan is making a loud noise. So i bought some of that can air stuff and blew out the fan and turned it back on and it was better for about 20 mins it has this switchable graphics thing and i have certain programs set to high well when i play these the fan comes on faster but the sound seems to go down. I've been worried about it overheating so i downloaded this core temp program and in the middle of a game says the temp of all 4 cores is about 90 degrees Celsius. Just wondering if that is to hot or not and the fan doesn't seem to blow as much out. Anyways any opinions would be nice or advice.
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  1. What processor do you have? And do you have an HP Pavilion laptop? Those are known to run hot, and the Sandy Bridge laptop processors are hot processors.
  2. For how long have you owned your laptop?, i think your laptop needs maintenance, those are high temps imo.
  3. Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    System Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard

    System Model: HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC

    BIOS: InsydeH20 Version 03.60.48f.13

    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.0GHz

    I've had it for about 15 months
  4. I used to have a couple year old HP laptop and the thing overheated like no tomorrow.. The fan design they use is absolute garbage! They clog with dirt and dust in no time at all making it just overheat more.
    I used to try to game on it and my wrist would start to sweat from the heat coming from the keyboard area.. Even with a cooler pad it wasn't much better.
    by the way, i also had the Dv6.

    You could do another good cleaning with the canned air, and then download speedfan and throttle the fans up more while cleaning the fans pretty often (once every couple days)

    CPUs shouldn't be running THAT hot. this is all i can think of, but i feel your pain because i put up with it untill i just built my new rig, which is what i would recommend you to do if you can save some money. You could take it into your local computer shop to get them to get a good cleaning done from the inside.

    Good luck
  5. I went to the computer shop yesterday to buy the canned air they said to turn it off spray in the vents so I did that and its still making a weird noise. They also said i could take the screws out of the back and just blow it out like that but im afraid to take the back off and use the air if i just blow all over could is F something up?
  6. Also after i do all this cleaning and it stills makes these sounds should i just run it till it stops working because i really don't trust these little computer shops around here.

    Edit: By run it still it stops i mean should i just go with it tbh its felt way hotter before so i think its been getting this hot every time i play games since the day i bought it just the noise worries me but if it does get to hot it will shut itself off right?
  7. Just throwin it out there, but it is recommended that you use a toothpick or something similar that is non-conducive (not completely necessary but best to be safe) to hold the fan blades in place while you blow them out with the compressed air, it can damage the fan to just let them spin while you are cleaning it.
  8. Oh that's nice to know I've blown it out before and didn't do that do you think the fan could be messed up and that's why it's making that sound? And is it hard to change laptop fans?
  9. Here's something that might help understand more of the problem it's making this sound but if i bump the fan it will stop making the sound for a second? Could the fan be off balance or something?
  10. Odds are its just massive built up dirt... just clean it out again (making sure you get a thorough clean of the fan) Then if its starts getting really hot throttle the fans with a program like speedfan. Thats really the best you can do if you don't trust anybody with it including yourself. Run it till it dies or buy a new computer is really your only options unless you decide to fix it somehow.

    Good luck
  11. Ok I'll try taking the back off and blow it out
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