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GTX 580 has oily substance on pcb

i got a reference gtx 580 last week and it took it out to benchmark my 2 older cards since updating the driver and i noticed an oily spot on the pcb just above the sticker. the spot lines up with my first ram stick, which is in the 2nd slot on the motherboard. i dont see anything leaking on the motherboard. the only thing directly above this spot is the top fan. could it have come from inside the card? i really need a fast answer if i need to rma the card. does anyone have an opinion? btw its a zotac and got it for $369 on newegg.
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  1. I dont what it is either i got my 580 rma couple weeks back they sent me the wron 580 gtx which is the one you received. by wrong one i mean one with out IHS so the gpu wouldn't reach my water block. Well when i took it apart i saw the same stuff on it that your talking about. Doesn't seem to be conductive but it was all over the memory chips on mine as well also on the pcb so maybe its some kind of protective stuff for the board or something
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    You could put a cloth on the card to see if someting is dripping from someplace or place a piece of cardboard there and then run the Pc for a day to see if something is in fact dripping or leaking. Without actually seeing it there's no wat to tell if it came from inside the card or not. If the oil spot is on the back of the card then it most likely didn't come from inside the card and it may have just been there from the factory and you didn't notice it when you first got it. There are several possabilities and your going to have to leave the card in the slot for at least another day to see if any more oil is there or if it's just an odd occurance from the factory.
    The card is running ok?
  3. the card is running ok, but the spot is getting bigger so i rma'd the card this morning. i did put a paper napkin on the pcb and nothing is dripping down. it's coming from inside the card. and i also noticed a small spot on top of the dvi. on the solder. the card was de-activated on newegg so i just dont have a good feeling about it. thanks guys.
  4. its the stuff leaking out of the thermal pads i believe. if you look at used cards on ebay and if the seller shows the backside youll see they all have that. the pads must be saturated with this stuff to help it conduct heat.

    HaHa im answering my own question.
  5. I believe this substance is some kind of silicone oil used to conduct heat from the voltage regulators and such. Its common on all GK110 cards. Guess I got excited for nothing. Sorry.
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