Odd laptop CPU Max out due to charge cable

I have a HP Probook 4510 with a Dual Core Intel Celeron T3000 running at 1.80 Ghz with Windows 7 installed.

The issue is if the portion of the charge cable that plugs in to the side of the laptop is not wraped in to a Curly-Q the CPU will max at 100% leaving me unable to use the laptop until I wraped back up in to the Curly-Q.

The laptop will work fine on battery power and will charge with the charge cable plugged in as long as the Curly-Q is set in place, again right next to where it plugs in to the laptop.

Has anyone heard of this issue? Is it just the charging cable, or worse something on the inside of the machine.
I am not afraid to pull the computer apart I am just hoping, no praying for an easier fix.

Thanks ahead for any ideas.
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  1. lol this is weird. on my laptop that my school provided, the charging cable must be twisted in a super odd angle in order for it to charge. happens to every charger i use.

    no idea what to do though. thought id share my experience
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