Gigabyte GTX680 and monitor res!

Hello all.

I just recently purcahsed a EVGA GTX680.

Few questions I have from your own personal opinion. Is EVGA a good brand? I paid $549.99 at Canada Computers. I've never used that brand thats why im asking.
That was the only brand ava. at the time of purchase.

I'm currently running 2 24inch monitors at 1920x1080. I will be playing in full windows mode. I was thinking of upgrading ONE monitors to Dell Ultrasharp U2711 which has a resoultion of 2560x1400 and use my 2nd monitor on the side or even both 2 24inch on the side for genral purpose while I game on the U2711.

1) Is EVGA a good brand -Cause I see a lot of price differences between other brands.
2) Well the BF3/D3 still be able to be played at Ultra settings at the resoultion of 2560x1400 in windows mode?
3) If I add ONE 24inch monitor: will this affect FPS while playing (windowsmode)
4) If I add 2 24inch monitors on the both sides (for general purpose, webistes, etc) will this tax FPS while playing.

I want to be able to play at 2560x1400 in windows mode as I like to have my mouse cursor going to the other screen(s) and not have to ALT-TAB.

Or should I just stick with the 2 24inchs?

Thanks for all your help!

Note: Returned the Gigabyte and got a EVGA GTX680 =)
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  1. I personally have not had good luck with Gigayte products but that's from my experience and not the whole of their products. I currently have a Gigabyte motherboard in RMA so I will see how that goes , thier tech support was less than helpful as I got no answers with many e-mails just try this and try that.
    I have not tried window mode with gaming but have had two monitors set up and it is nice to have that second monitor there. Not sure if you would need two additional monitors but you could if you wanted to. The additional monitors would be in 2D mode and not be putting much stress on the card at all.
    I did notice that if I selected full screen windowes mode in MW3 that the resoluton became greyed out and couldn't be changed , I don't know what that means but it was only in that option that it did that.
    Bf3 is a very demanding game on the video card and the good thing is that since you currently have two monitors you can at least experiment a little before you decide to buy the new monitor. Rum BF3 with just the one monitor and see what fps you get with the new card , then add the second monitor in window mode and see if there is any drop in fps at all.
    I would defenitly recomend the 27" 2560x1440 monitor , It would be great for games.
  2. 1) yes is a good brad but recently some friends say decreasing quality in is products,
    note: do a little research before buying anything
    2) BF3 is a demanding game so no, D3 yes
    3) yes of course
    4) yes of course
  3. Thanks for the reply guys. So i have one person that says no. I have one person that says yes regarding adding secondary monitor and 3rd monitor that will tax my main screen in full window mode. I have someone else saying it wont.

    GTX680 cant handle BF3 in ultra settings at 2560x1440?
  4. anyone?
  5. Adding a second and third monitor will tax your graphics card under most any load, and will definitely bring things down in Battlefield 3.

    It can, so long as you don't try to run that resolution on three monitors at the same time. Two maybe, one definitely.
  6. Thanks Sk1939,

    I will NOT be playing on 3 monitors. I want to play on the single 27inch 2560x1400 and the other two monitors 1920x1080 will just be for internet use, word files, etc etc. Will having the extra two monitors tax the MAIN gaming one?
  7. The new GTX 680 has 2gb of memory on the card and that will defietly help with the 2560x1440 display and allow you to use the additional monitors in 2D mode without having a drop in fps. I haven't tried BF3 yet but with MW3 in windowed mode and a second 27" screen at 1920x1080 and a few things open on it there was no drop in fps.
    You do have to remember how taxing BF3 is on a video card , there are two games out there that I know of that are very taxing on video cards BF3 and Crysis. These two games can really heat up a video card
  8. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yes! Thank you inzone!

    I mean my other two monitors would be 2D. and the main monitor would be only for gaming which is 3D (but im not playing in 3D Vision).
  9. I wonder does anyone have or knows of a link that has benchmarks with games being played in full windows mode at 2560x1440 single monitor vs 2560x1440 with 2 other monitors in 2D mode..
  10. Couldn't find any benchmarks, only videos showing the performance difference between single and dual/triple monitors.

    HEAVEN Benchmark

    Left 4 Dead 2

    Battlefield 3 (GTX 590)

    Edit: If you really want to go all out....

    This is a similar setup to what you are looking for with the person playing a game on the center display and two side displays. One thing you want to think about is that this 2560x1440 seems to be fairly new and in the past few weeks I started seeing these monitors popup on Newegg.

    I think either one of these setups will do.
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