Need a low profile, low-power budget card w/ HDMI

I just purchased an EMachines EL1358G-51w and will be using it as an HTPC, but the current GPU does not have an HDMI port. I won't be using it for gaming or anything, just movies and such (so it doesn't need to handle anything more intense than HD video). I'm hoping keep it inexpensive ($40 or less). It does have a low profile case and the power supply is only 220w, so I'd like some advice before committing to something. The current GPU is an NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE, if that's helpful. Any ideas?

Full specs here:
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  1. The video that the computer comes with is intergrated graphics chip and by doing that they can use a smaller watts power supply(220w). The cards that I looked at , even the lowest priced and bottom of the chard cards list a 300w power supply as the smallest psu that I saw. That's not to say that a card will not work with a 220w psu but it would be hard to recomend a card that is kisting a 300w psu when you have a 220w psu. If you can find out what the amps is on the +12v rails on the psu that you have it would be helpful because it's the amps that really tell you if a card will work on a psu or not. So if you can look at the power supply and on the sticker see if you can see the amps rating on the +12v rail.
  2. I haven't received the computer yet, but will be sure to check that when I do. I have seen a few other people post that they've used higher-power cards in low-power pc's, so I'm hoping I can find something that will work.
  3. I have a 250 watt HTPC with the GT 520 in it, and it runs very cool. Never exceeds 45 degrees Celsius. You can also get a GT 210, or the GT 430. I've had all of those running on a 5 year old psu so I'm pretty sure you'll be fine. All of these have an HDMI port, and the 520 and 430 will even do some light casual gaming.

    GT 520:

    GT 430:

    GT 210:
  4. Thanks! And I did find some more info on the power supply, if that helps.

    Specifications:INPUT: 100-127V ~/6A - 220V-240V ~/3A 50Hz-60Hz OUTPUT: 250 Watt MAX - Main Connector 20Pin +5V / 14A +12V / 14A +5VSB / 2A +3.3 / 14A -12V / 0.3A Continuous: Total DC Output Power Shall Not Exceed 220W
  5. Mine only puts out 15-16 amps at most, yet those cards need at least 18. I'm pretty sure your psu will be able to handle any of those gpus. Also none of those require more than 40 watts so I don't think overheating will be an issue. If my 5 yr. old psu can handle an HD 5570, Im positive yours would run any of those gpus. There are available psu upgrades for a slim pc if you need any suggestions.
  6. I don't think I'll upgrade the PSU unless I absolutely have to, but thank you for your GPU suggestions!
  7. You're welcome. I suggest you get the 520 over the other two though. It uses less power than both the 210 and 430. It's also a much better video card than the 210, but slightly lower performance compared to the 430. The gt 520 is basically in between both cards and its slightly higher than your budget.
  8. That was the one I was leaning towards, I'm just a little worried about it fitting (it's a tiny case). Looking at pics of the inside, and knowing the dimensions (Height 10.4" Width 3.9" Depth 14.6"), it seems pretty tight.
  9. The 520 is 7.09" x 4.76"
  10. Ah, I see. Would any of those other cards fit from what you can see?
  11. Maybe. The 410 is only 6.3" long, which gives a bit more wiggle room. What do you think about this, though?
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    Ah, I forgot to mention the 5450 *facepalm* It is by far my favorite HTPC only gpu I have used to date. Be aware that it will not run most games or even low spec games at times. I remember you saying you didn't need it for any sort of gaming, but it will do small or even higher spec games only on low. Other than that, if it can fit in your case it will be the perfect HTPC card for you. Make sure the bracket on the card will allow it to fit though. Last time I ordered one on newegg, the low profile bracket was slightly too big for my case. Other than that, you'll be just fine with that card.
  13. Excellent! I can't seem to find it's dimensions, but it looks small. I think I'll go with that and cross my fingers. :) Thanks again for the help!
  14. It was my pleasure. I also found the dimensions by the way, here they are: 6.5 x 2.5 x 9.2 inches. Would that fit in your case?
  15. I'm having to eyeball things, since I haven't gotten it yet. But judging by the dimensions of the case and the interior shots on Newegg, I think it will.
  16. Well, it was my pleasure helping you find the right card. good luck! and don't forget to choose a best answer to close the thread!
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  18. mater8282 said:
    Maybe. The 410 is only 6.3" long, which gives a bit more wiggle room. What do you think about this, though?

    The specs state that a 400W power supply is required.
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