GTX680 or its too much for now?

Im planning on getting a new Gaming computer this week, CPU will probably be i5/7 Ivy bridge.
Until now i planned on getting the GTX680 no doubt.
Im using a single screen!
The only purpose of the computer is GAMING and running games on ULTRA settings now and in the future (as long as it can) i can afford GTX680 but i really wont spend anymore.

Many people suggest buying a "weaker" GPU like the 7850 or 7870 because i wont see any diffrense if im using only a single screen ( that sounds like false to me but i dont know anything about GPU's ).

What is the best GPU choise for me ?

Thanks alot
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  1. If I were you I'd get a 7950 or wait for a 670, but thats just me. I dont' see a point in paying a premium for a the best when its not that much better. The difference between the 7950 and 680 is 18 percent and its a lot cheaper. The 7970 is a fair amount cheaper as well and is only 6 percent weaker.

    It depends a lot on your resolution you game at.
  2. Using a Dell monitor the model is 2312 resolution is 1920X1080

    Again, thanks!
  3. At 1080p I don't see the need to have anything more than 7950. Honestly anything around the GTX 570 range and up would be great.

    GTX 570, 7870, 7950, 580, 7970, 680.
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