Newbie Hyper212+ question (orientation/airflow in HAF 912)

Hi, I'm about to assemble a new rig in a couple of days and this is the first time I'm using a bigger-than-stock CPU cooler.

It's the Hyper 212+ and the case I got is the HAF 912. The airflow system I plan on having is...

I have two questions:

1) Assuming I have enough room in the case (I got low-clearance RAM), should the heatsink/fan be mounted vertically, or horizontally? (Most of what I've seen suggests vertically.)

2) Which side of the heatsink (towards the front or towards the back) should the fan go on, and should it be blowing towards the front or towards the back? (I've seen more pictures with the fan on the "front-side," but I still don't know which way it's blowing.)

Thanks for reading these admittedly newbie questions!
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  1. Your cpu cooler should be (optimally) facing the rear of your assembly.
    The fan should be (optimally) blowing air into the cooler's fins and towards the rear.

    In other words:
    Rear<---CPU Cooler<---Fan<---Air from front
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