CPU Bottleneck ?

my pc specs are :
intel pentium G630 2.7ghz
4gb*2 1333mhz ram
amd radeon hd7750
gigabyte H61 mobo
the problem is while playing games i checked the cpu utilization in task manager and it showed both cores reaching 100% for some time before going down. while ram stayed at around 3.2gb
the games i checked were saints row 3 and burnout paradise online.
i want to know if my cpu is bottlenecking my pc
i play at 1440*900 . am getting 60fps in burnout on max setting and only 25-30 fps in SR3 on medium settings.
just curious why cpu reaching 100% on both cores.
so far only checked these two games.
if this is the case then how will my cpu handle games like skyrim and BF3 at max settings!!
any idea ?
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  1. it's the video card that's bottlenecking your system.
  2. if both cores are reaching 100 percent, then yes, you are being bottlenecked by the cpu. the reason why the cpu is the bottleneck and not the gpu in this case is because you play at a fairly low resolution.
  3. an hd 7750 bottlenecking a G630 is highly unlikely.
    go to 3dmark search (google that) and input G630 as processor and then hd7750, then note down the numbers there and check how G630 does with hd7770 and so on. The moment the step from one card to the next returns very little gain, there's the bottleneck spot.
  4. i just run it for you. G630 bottlenecks at 7850.
  5. use whatever programs you want, if the cpu is hitting 100 percent, it is a bottleneck

    edit: and you cant just say blanketly that it bottlenecks at a 7850. different programs and resolutions have different bottlenecks
  6. but tom's says that the cpu is a good budget gaming cpu. it performs on par with x4 955 and better than fx-4100 in games.
    so how could it be that both cores reach 100% for a few seconds ?
    also can i overclock my cpu ?
    i know it has a locked multiplier but can i try increasing the base clock to squeeze a little extra performance.
    or will it become unstable ?
  7. vx53c said:
    i just run it for you. G630 bottlenecks at 7850.

    In that specific application. In another application, the GPU might always be the bottleneck for that processor. Or the reverse. Depends on the workload.
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    The one question I have, is how are you checking your CPU utilization. Alt-tabbing and load screens may inflate CPU utilization while everything gets loaded into memory and ready to run the game. So you have to play for several minutes, alt-tab, and ignore the most recent readings on the CPU chart.

    I don't know how vx53c could claim the CPU is or is not bottlenecking for any specific card; as it is 100% dependent on the application. If you play Civ5, at any graphics level, you will be CPU bottlenecked at some point.

    Now, in SR3, you can check if you are CPU bottlenecked by turning up some of your graphical settings (try maxing AA setting to start with). If your framerate stays fairly constant, then you know that adding more work to the GPU didn't affect your framerate; if your FPS tanks, then your GPU is probably the bottleneck. (Watch out for CPU intensive settings when testing, such as visible distance, persistent bodies, or physics details).
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