Is there a windows 7 driver for mustek 1200 ub scanner

where can I get a driver to work with Windows 7 for my mustek 1200 ub scanner?
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  1. As you can see in this link..., Mustek does not apparently provide a Win7 driver for this model. You could inquire with their support service... to see if they have something but just haven't posted it on line.

    Your best hope might be if Win7 OS has include a generic driver for the scanner.

    Have you checked your Device Manager to see if the scanner is listed?
  2. jksnyder said:
    where can I get a driver to work with Windows 7 for my mustek 1200 ub scanner?

    If Mustek do not supply a Win7 driver, and it looks as though they don't, try Viewscan. It supports the Mustek 1200 UB Plus, which uses the same drivers as the 1200 UB.

    I have used Vuescan and it works well - very good for photograph scanning.

    A free trial download is available here:
  3. if none of the above works, use the Vista drivers. During the beta & release canidate of win 7, there were some driver conflicts and the best resolution was to use the vista drivers as they were similar.

    if you have win 7 64-bit, use the Vista 64-bit drivers, same goes for 32-bit...
  4. Did you ever find a driver for this model? I jut picked one up at a jumble sale!
  5. The Mustek 1200 UB is reported by the manufacturer to be incompatible on their website and the

    Windows Outreach Team- IT Pro
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