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I wanted to know how does one know for sure that a AMD AM3+ processor is seated correctly into the mother board?
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  1. As mentioned, it only fits one way. The Gold Triangle on the CPU should match the triangle on the motherboard socket, also you can look and see that there are several notches on the cpu and board which make it fit only one way.

    Its called a ZIF socket (zero insertion force), it should drop down into the socket with no pressure needed, the weight of the CPU is sufficient if you have it lined up properly and assuming you don't have bent pins or a damaged socket.
  2. you pull the lever all the way up, you just let the processor fall into the socket with the triangle on the corner of the processor lining up to the triangle of the socket.
    After that is done you rock the processor ever so gently left and right to make sure all is good, you pull down the lever and latch it.
    apply a little thermal paste and seat and connect your cooler.
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