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hey there, to start off this is for my friend mostly hes buying my gpu off me which is the 6970 direct cu 2 and needs a new power supply any ideas on a good supply for that card thats fairly cheap at the same time?

and was about to ask if i would need to get a new power supply because im getting the 7970 but realized that the 7970 takes less power to use ^^ but anyway mainly just want to know a decent psu with 2 6 pin adapters on it for a decent price plus im from the UK as well so UK sites please :) any help appreciated.
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  1. You really can't go wrong with anything Corsair, (newer) Antec, Seasonic, XFX, PC Power and Cooling, and Silverstone PSUs. Some OCZ and CoolerMaster PSUs are ok, but some are utter crap.

    Just make sure its at least 550w, or 600w if hes going to overlock alot.
  2. na he dont like to overclock even though ive been running that card gpu 1020hz and memory at 1550hz for nearly a year now but thats helped cheers :)
  3. Yeah I would help you pick something out if I was good at shopping UK sites, but I'm not. :P Just come back here with some you are looking at and I'll tell you whats good :)

    these are a couple of ideas he also said to me his brother may be buying his spares off him as well so he will have a bit extra on top which is handy
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