Which 27" monitor with this setup?

Hey all,
I am currently running a Samsung 21.5" LED monitor on my system. (i5 2500k @ 4.0GHZ, HD 6970, both water cooled) and I was thinking of upping my monitor size to around 27" and I have a few questions.

Is there THAT much a difference between what I have and a comparable 27" monitor when it comes to size and resolution?

What would a good ~$300 selection be?

Would it be better to just get one, maybe 2 more of the same monitor I already have for eyefinity? (I plan to get another 6970 also at some point.)

I know that this has a lot to do with personal preference but I just wanted to get some input before I decided on anything.
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  1. Swisser873; I'll try to give you input. I have 2 2500k setups both OC'd to 4.5 Ghz. Both have 8 Gigs ram, Both have ssds for the OS and larger HDs for data games etc. One machine has a 6970 with 3 24" monitors running Eyefinity at 5760x1080 (1920x3=5760 x 1080) and the other machine has 2 5850s in CF running a Hanns G HZ281 (actually 27.5 inch) monitor at 1920x1200. The 3 monitor setup is great for flight sims and is not bad for COD MW3 but at that high of a resolution even the 6970 is stressed for BF3. The 27.5" monitor is great for BF3 and COD MW3. IF you cross fire the 6970s eyefinity should be OK for 3 27" monitors. However, you better have a big PSU and have good ventilation for the heat. The Hanns G 281 was recently on sale at newegg. What is the max resolution of your monitor ? What gaming will you do? Eyefinity costs some $$$
  2. If I were you, I would buy two more monitors of the same size and see if I could rotate them 90 degrees. I think it makes more sense. I'm not sure if thats possibly. Does anybody know?
  3. With the design of my current Samsung, the SyncMaster BX2231, I don't think going vertical is an option.

    The current max res is 1920x1080, and at the moment I play a little BF3, and just finished ME3 and Skyrim. The next game I plan on playing is Guild Wars 2.

    Also ventilation and the such isn't really an issue. I'm running a HAF-X with a dual radiator water cooled setup. For storage I'm running a 64GB ssd boot drive, 120GB ssd for main games and programs, 500GB hdd for misc programs and other games, then a 2TB hdd for movies and music.

    I wasn't planning on running eyefinity 3 27's, I was either going to get 2 more 22's or a single 27, which I guess I am leaning toward the single 27" as of now.
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