Gigabyte GTX 580 Transparant black lines


My girlfriends new gigabyte gtx580 OC is acting weird.

In games i see transparent black lines, going from down to up.
And this seems to go away when i activate vertical sync.

Also, it went away when i tested with a DVI cable.

She has an old benq monitor that shipped with a vga cable, havent bothered to buy her a DVI cable.

The vga to dvi adapter worked perfect with her old gigabyte gtx 460 OC, also with a Powercolor radeon 6950, but not with the 580?
Is that normal?
And why did it work with vsync?

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  1. I really hoped that someone would at least have a wild guess as to what this might be.
  2. Thanks for the answer Axelion, but the problem he has in that thread is not what I have here.
    He has green dots and stuff but i only have transparent black lines going from the bottom to the top, like if you try to watch something on the television but the reception isnt quite there. And the lines you see are black/gray.

    What i wonder most about this tho is why does it go away when using vsync or using a dvi cable instead of vga?
  3. Where else do i turn for an answer to this if no one here knows? :(
  4. Yes thank you for the answer.

    Alltough i did write that i have already sortof solved this problem by indeed trying a DVI cable.

    But what i was interested in as i wrote was what causes it? Why did it work flawlessly with this vga cable with the gtx460 and hd 6950, but not gtx 580?
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