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Hey guys, I have been experiencing some intermittent, seemingly random shutdowns on my computer over the past few months. At first the problem seemed to be related to burning CD's. As I would start to burn the CD my PC would just completely shut off and I would have to start it up again, or sometimes I would pop in a CD for a program and it would shut down when reading it. Usually after a shutdown the PC will boot up just fine, but sometimes the power will cut out right before windows loads and I will have to power on again. Lately, it has been shutting off maybe twice a week, but at times when the system is hardly under any load at all or when I am away from it with nothing but a few programs running. Also, It shut off last overnight last night (maybe has something to do with an update?). I checked the event viewer for this last shutdown, but there is no error log for the shutdown itself, only an error from a few hours later that said the computer shut off unexpectedly

The weird part is I play some pretty graphically and system intensive games (heavily modded GTA IV, ARMA II, The Witcher 2, Skyrim, etc.) and I have never had a shut-down while playing a game, nor seen any performance problems when in the game (usually at 60 FPS w/ max settings except in GTA IV). I built the system in December with all new parts except for the hard drive that came with my old gateway desktop.

I realize this probably sounds like a PSU problem, but I thought Corsair was pretty respected and this is a high end modular PSU, it seems fishy that it would die so soon. I just ordered a Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 240GB SSD that should arrive on Friday and would like to get things in order before it comes. Thanks in advance!

Here is my system:
Intel i5 2500k (@ stock speed due to these issues) w/ Coolermaster V6GT cooler
HIS IceQ X Turbo 6950 2GB
Asus P8Z68 Deluxe Gen 3
Corsair HX850W
Generic 7200 RPM HDD (SSD coming on friday)
G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2133
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  1. Hmm.. a Corsair HX850 going bad? usually very unlikely..

    The fact that Win7 isnt logging any events really does suggest power though, as other hardware issues usually cause BSOD's that it will log.

    Its obviously not the fact that its under too much load, as 850watts for your single-gpu set up is plenty.

    I would suggest contacting Corsair them selves and see if they have any suggestions - worst comes to worst I would have thought you could get it replaced.

    I cant think what else it could be really - theres only really the obvious things to suggest, make sure cables are in properly etc
  2. I couldn't find a phone number on corsair's website. Apparently you have to submit an RMA request and they will call you back. In the meantime, however...

    I was in BIOS checking out the voltage readings earlier, they appear normal from what I have read online:
    3.3V - 3.344V
    5V - 4.96V
    12V - 12.096V

    When I went to reset after leaving BIOS it shut down as windows was starting to load, right where the 4 colored dots appear that become the logo. Every time it shuts down on start-up it seems to be at this exact spot. I'm not sure if this helps at all...
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