Sapphire HD 6450 high temps

Hey I recently got a HD 6450 and I started smelling burning plastic while I was playing a game... I download a GPU temperature software and I played a game for about 1 hour and kept checking between rounds. The max I saw it get to was 88c. I've heard many people say to only be concerned when it's 95c+ but is it normal to smell a mild scent of burning plastic?

The GPU has passive cooling and isn't really for gaming, I wonder if this means they've used cheaper less heat resistant plastics?

Temp below \/

most of the time it's around 88c

Thanks for any comments! :D
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  1. give the name of maker and the exact model this temp is too high
  2. Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6450 1024MB GDDR3. Model Number: 11190-02-20G.
  3. you should return this card with those temp without load it wont last,see how to proceed with the dealer you bought it from and look for one that got a fan on it for better cooling
  4. I searching the internet and found this

    Thermal Specification
    Max GPU Temp 99C
    Min PSU Requirement 400W

    I must also say I have a 250 watt PSU but this new card actually uses less power then my old HD 2400 pro, I don't suppose this could cause a problem? The game i'm playing is pretty GPU intense as well and my newer computer with a GTS 450 and I5 2400 doesn't have brilliant FPS on this game "World of tanks".

    It's actually idling at 56c after 20mins suspecting the heatsink was still dispersing the heat.

    My case is also unventilated as well and the only things moving air is the CPU heatsink and PSU, could getting a case fan help this problem? "seems a little ironic since this is supposed to be a silent GPU XD". My CPU ranges between 30-60c If you're curious.
  5. this gpu temp is realy to high but your cpu is good you mark you could had fan in the case that will help the cooling,you have to make air flow from front to back.the more power you ask from the card the more heat she give so for intense gaming always better to use a gpu with a fan cooler on it
  6. scout_03 said:
    you should return this card with those temp without load

    These temperature readings was taken under or "just after" being under load.
  7. then you have to get more fresh air in the case to push hot air out to reduce that temp
  8. there are plastics on the fan and body sticker u need to remove or peel off. other than that, try afterburner to have a custom fan speed.
  9. The card has passive cooling "It doesn't have a fan" since it only uses around 22 watts and I checked for stickers before I put it in... although the bar code sticker is still on the back as I normally leave them on all my GPUs. I've never had any problems with the bar codes... although my highest GPU temps before this was around 60c and that was overclocked from 780-920mhz!

    Thanks for the reply anyways :D.

    I found a benchmark

    It run at 83c under load on there tests and idles at 53c and they said it was good, So I think it's ok.... hopefully. I'm still going to put a fan in.
  10. I've attached a small fan onto a plastic card which I cut down to fit into a PCI slot, my new temps are here...

    This is an old topic... it just felt like updating it XD

    Thanks anyway
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