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Optical drive not working

Hi guys,
I'm new on this forum....anyway my DVD drive stopped working suddenly..the tray opens but the disks don't spin.BTW it was a new lg gh22ns50.As it wasn't working i bought a new buffalo external dvd drive...but even the new drive does not burn dvds on my computer .it reads dvds but it starts flashing the red light indicating low power even after connecting both usb cables when i start burning..wasted a lot of dvds trying to burn them...seems to write the lead-in and then it fails...only dvds which burn are the sony rewritable disks..burning at 2x....btw the drive works fine and burns all kinds of dvds when connected to other computers...problem exists only when connected to my guess is a problem with my psu...maybe low power output or something...i'm guessing my lg internal drive too stopped working due to this...any ideas guys?any suggestions?...
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  1. You mentioned your PSU but didn't give any particulars about any of your hardware other than the optical drives. It's always a good idea to list all your hardware specs including the brand and model of your PSU. It also helps to know what burning software you are using. Have you tried different burning apps to eliminate the possible of software issues?
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    The power to the External maybe limited by the internal USB hubs. Try plugging the two USB plugs into seperate USB "blocks".

    Other than that, it could be your PSU or your motherboard limiting power out of the USB devices.

    A powered USB hub would probably fix your external. As for the internal, it's probably just a DOA drive. Internals use 12V rather than 5V (I think) so it's kinda unlikely that they are related.
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