Selling a PC am I asking too much?

Okay, so I am selling a gaming PC as I really don't have time to game any longer. Well, actually I am just trying to become more active outside. Anyway, here is the spec sheet:

monitor (Asus VS248H-P)
intel i5-2400
4GB ram G skill
GTX 460 1GB
1TB Hard Drive
650w modular power supply (corsair hx650)
win7 ultimate
razer deathadder 3500dpi mouse
razer blackwidow mechanical keyboard
headset and 2.1 speaker system (nothing to write home about)
wireless card b/g/n
dvd burner

I know it's about a generation old at this point, but it's still a beefy little machine. Craigslist is saturated with "gaming pcs" (lol) that are about 5 years old and more than what I am asking. Obviously those aren't selling (I hope not anyway), but I haven't even had one offer. I am asking $600 (was 650). Since retail earlier this year was about $1k I figure that is pretty fair. If I did it again, I'd get a better GPU because I think that would bring in more buyers. But the GTX560 wasn't enough of an increase to constitute another $20, imo.

Any advice? Do people just not buy computers from Craigslist?

ps, i also put in the ad i'd do a trade for a 360 (so i can netflix still) with some cash. no offers this way either.
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    people like new stuff. just cause you spent $1000 on it 5 months ago doesn't mean someone else is willing to pay you more than half that, not because it's 5 months old but because it's used and without warranty.

    you might have better luck hitting $600 by selling peripherals separate from the box. people might like the box but not the stuff that comes with, or the mouse/keyboard combo but no need for the computer. right now as an all-in-one it's just a package tailored to suit you.

    if you keep gaming outside you'll have to change your username, buddhabelly!
  2. You have a decent list of parts. And, it probably is a fair value if someone wants that exact list.
    I think you will do better to sell the parts individually on e-bay. Not all will sell well.
    To find out what the parts actually sell for, search for your specific part. Then filter on used, and filter on completed auctions. You will then see in green what the parts actually old for.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I may try to part with just the PC and if I can make off with about $375 I'd be happy. I know that the used thing is a deterrent, but if anyone were to sit with the computer for 10 mins all their reservations would be blown away.

    As for ebay, I have no seller rep and I really don't like losing 5-7% of the total bid plus I have to guess on shipping. Oh and Paypal is awful. lol

    @Branden, yup! Down 16lbs since early April! :)
  4. How much for your psu? And what about hdd?
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