NEED SERIOUS HELP IN THE NEXT 2 HOURS! (Current Wed/June/2012 3:34pm)

Okay, heres my situation:

I'm going off to memoryexpress and get my custom built pc (already built WITHOUT OS)

And I'm planning to install the windows 7 ultimate burnt cd by myself. Then what should I do after? Install drivers on internet? What if I cant connect to internet? Or download drivers from the motherboard/gpu discs they gave me?

Reply soon pls, I'm leaving the house right now and when i come back I'm going to install my pc, THANK YOU!
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    go to YouTube, lots of how-to videos there

    there is also a decent video on Newegg about it

    you will want to update drivers yes, Mobo should be first because it has all the components to connect to the internet attached to it

    GPU can wait till last unless there is a support problem

    if you can't connect to the internet, try to get a copy of the driver discs or use another PC to get them onto a thumb drive or disc

    be sure to do a windows update after the mobo and stuff before you start browsing around on the internet so you have the security patches and stuff, but you can go to the gpu site and stuff to get drivers while windows is downloading the updates

    again, go to newegg or youtube and watch the how-to videos, it will explain it all
  2. 1) Install Windows 7.
    2) Install Drivers from motherboard CD (you should receive this from Memory Express).
    3) Navigate to Motherboard Manufacturer's web site and download any updates.
    4) Update graphic card drivers (if necessary).
    5) Run Windows Update.
    6) Install Security Software.
    7) Optional - Create an Image of you pristine system

    -Wolf sends
  3. all you need off the cd is the ethernet driver the rest you should get from the mobos website
  4. You can go through the list from the manufacturers website and download the latest drivers, this is usually the best thing to do.

    Then copy them to a USB stick and install them. Just name the folders correctly. Not sure if it makes a difference but I always start with the chipset driver before the others.
  5. Haha i built it, its running great!
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