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I recently bought a phantom 410 and put everything together except the 3 switch fan controller. It has a 4 pin male molex and I know I got to connect this to my PSU but my PSU (hx750) does not have any molex places to connect to. Do I connect the molex to a fan header? There are 5 fans connected to to the wires but I just don't know where the molex goes, help please
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  1. Yes, the Molex from the fan controller plugs into one of the 8 Molex connectors from your power supply. The 4 smaller male plugs from the fan controller are where you can plug in your system fans into. That way, up to 4 fans will be controlled manually by the controller. If you prefer, you can plug the fans into the motherboard headers (if available) and not use the controller. In that way, the BIOS or software will control the fan(s) speed.
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