Great Ram deal

If anyone is looking for DDR PC2100 Ram go to That are having a special where you get 256 of PC2100 DDR Ram for $44. I just got mine today.


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  1. thanks.

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  2. Who's Greta Ram?

    "There's no such thing as gravity, the Earth just sucks"
  3. It's a new subsidiary of Microsoft. They're making all the RAM for the xBox. J/k

    Whoever thinks up a good sig for me gets a prize :wink:
  4. Is it better than crucial? They are about the same price after adding shipping.
  5. Greta Ram is a clone of “Great Ram Deal” This came about when inflatable party sheep became in short supply and when cloning sheep a DNA sequencer got confused with a SETI program running in background and the resulting vinyl offspring had notable RAM like qualities. Namely, a lot of head butting and mounting. Consequently they “neutered” the offending protuberance leaving a supply of transgender party favors called “Greta Ram” that is sold at discount in the back pages of Computer Magazines to Closet Geeks.
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