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I just recently purchased a GTX 680 for around $520 right away since I saw it on sale and thought I'd pounce on it while it was there. Sold out 5 minutes after I placed my order. Now I'm feeling a bit remorse since before I was contemplating going with a 7970 for about $70 cheaper. I plan to do surround/eyefinity gaming in the near future. I was also considering 7850 xfire or a 7950. Any opinions on the matter?
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  1. I think its pretty amazing that you got a gtx 680 under the circumstances. You mind sharing when and at what site? The answer to your question just depends on how much the 70 dollars is worth to you. Keep in mind that adding extra monitors will bring the performance of the cards closer together due to the higher amount of RAM on the 7970. I saw a non reference sapphire 7970 OC edition card (really good card) for as low as $460 on amazon and will probably match a stock 680 especially with multiple monitors. You also didn't mention what the brand of the card is which may factor in as well. At the end of the day i'd consider yourself lucky that you got your hands on that card though, I feel like your chances of getting struck by lightning are higher....
  2. I did get it on amazon and that was the card I was originally intending to buy. The sapphire 7970. It is a gigabyte model
  3. The higher the resolution the more the 7970 shines, for triple monitor setups I'd personally rather have a 7970 because of the price difference. However I'd be damn happy with a GTX 680. :)
  4. I have a 7970 and a friend of mine got a GTX680 and I must say so far my 7970 seems excel in every game I have thown at it. Our systems are the same expect he prefers Nvidia for his graphics cards.
  5. I would totally go with it, a good score on a 680 is a good score none the less, and honestly you can buyers remorse on every purchase. Thats why when you buy something you need to quit looking around at it's rivals and on other sites. :D
  6. Alright good points all around. Since it's already done I'll just go with it and stop window shopping lol. Thanks everyone.
  7. Yeah, gigabyte is one of the better manufacturers so I think it'd be a good idea to keep it. Grats
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