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I have a Samsung series 7 laptop and I'm having some problems with the graphics cards. The laptop has on-board Intel HD 3000 and an ATI Radeon 5000 series dedicated graphics card and my problem is that it seems like the on-board card is the only one that gets used. I thought that when I connected the laptop to power it switched from the on-board to the ATI but recently it seems like it only uses the on-board. I tried disabling the on-board but the the ATI still won't turn on. Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. it really depends on the setup, probably just like nvidia Optimus your computer only activated the "dedicated" gpu when required to test that use a game or a program that uses a lot of gpu processing, most of games will do, so use a program just like MSI Afterburner to check the GPU Usage %, if it don't move, probably you need to change some configurations, but probably it is only activating when required.
  2. Having the same problem. Did anyone find a solution to this issue?
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