Dual Monitor TV. One monitor has no sound

Hi just need your advice having trouble for days. i connected my 2 HDTV to my computer. One tv works perfect but the other tv doesnt have a sound only video output.

when i try to play dvd movie the other tv has no sound. supposed to be they are synchronize. By the way im using HDMI cables to connect the tvs to my computer.

What could be the problem? need advice please.. thank u
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  1. Windows sucks at managing sound devices as it will only let you output sound out of one device. I've tried it myself to output audio on two devices.
    I suggest getting an HDMI splitter so that way windows outputs only to one device which really is two devices. I pretty sure that should work but never actually tried it myself.

    EDIT: One question, why does your video card have 2 hdmi outputs?
  2. Video card brand and model? You have a video card with two hdmi ports?
  3. thanks for the info! actually its a DVI i just use dvi to hdmi adapter. itried using a HDMI splitter with one input and two output. what happen when i play a Dvd movie the other TV has no output at all. =(
  4. You won't get sound through a DVI port. Even if your usind a dvi to hdmi adaptor there just isn't sound coming through the dvi port.
  5. actually there is. i can switch them. like Carlosb said, windows just allowing one device at a time.. =(
  6. brycer7 said:
    actually there is. i can switch them. like Carlosb said, windows just allowing one device at a time.. =(

    Im not sure how you are actually getting sound coming from the DVI since its video only. Since my card has a mini-hdmi port, I use a mini hdmi adapter to hdmi adapter. That way I can be sure that sound and video will output to my connected TV.

    Maybe you connected an audio cable from your pc to one tv and that explains why you were hearing the sound on that one tv and not on the other while still getting video output on both. If that's the case then you should get a splitter for your audio cable.
  7. umm no. the other tv is in my living room. when u go to control panel and sound u can select which sound u will use either the sound coming from 1#monitor or 2#monitor. the prob is u can only select one. thats why. i guess im gona stick with it.
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