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Recently built the gaming rig. Tested bf3 out. 64 player game getting 30-60 fps, averaging 40-50 with everything literally on highest settings at 1080p res. Anyone know the best settings in ccc? I am trying to achieve these graphics with constant 60 fps if possible. Thanks!
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  1. You could overclock it in Overdrive.
  2. yea im just not sure of the most optimal settings for the ccc
  3. You don't replace setting in CCC, use the built in game settings. If you play with the CCC game settings your FPS are gonna drop. Also, on BF3 Online Multiplayer a lot of members here reported a high CPU usage, what's your total system specs.
  4. I thought messing with overdrive/overclock would improver performance?

    i5 2500k 8 2x4 corsair vengence asrock extreme3 gen3
  5. You should hit a constant of 60 FPS @ stock speeds. Revert All CCC to defaults, Download Sapphire Trixx and OC Memory and Core Clock by 100 MHz without playing in anything else, If Performance increase in the game so it's the GFX card if not, I would try OCing the CPU a little bit high.

    Also make sure you're equipped with the latest drivers.
  6. wow at stock speeds im with 4xmsaa 16x and everything on ultra i drop to 30 ish fps in 64 player games. Ill look into suggested tho! thank you. Will CCC conflict with the software you mentioned?
  7. No, Sapphire trixx is a more flexible OCing utility for AMD Sapphire cards, you can control your Fans speed, voltage, core & memory clock at an unlocked level unlike the Overdrive.
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