NVIDIA 8600M GT compared to today's products?

The old Dell XPS 1530M laptop has the NVIDIA 8600M GT. I just picked this laptop cheap. It's running Win7 64bit. How does this graphics card compare with HD 3000 in performance or compared to any of the other low end Intel or NVIDIA integrated graphics in today's laptops? Looking for a general comparison because I am not familiar with the spec numbers in charts.
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  1. According to this hierarchy chart, it is 2 ranks above the HD 3000.,3107-7.html
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    +1 its much better than today's integrated mobile graphics with the exception of maybe ivy bridge.
  3. Somewhat better than I expected then. Cool. Thanks for that chart, pretty handy. Too bad the 8600M GT is welded to the board. No chance of an upgrade.
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