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Right I am really new to building PC's and have a budget of around £500, I have picked up some things along the way but really don't know much. What I would like though is a new pc with decent specs for my budget and I am just asking for some advice about what I have chose so far or what I'm missing/doing wrong. Also what internet security should I get? I have bullguard but I don't really get along with it on my laptop.

System usage: Gaming(I don't currently do gaming on the pc but I would like the option), streaming, browsing
I would like it to not have to upgrade for a few years if possible.

Preferable website: Ebay (UK)

So far I have...

Case: Mars Red Gaming ATX Case With LCD Temperature Display.
^ and ↓↓↓ are second hand. Value: £30 First hand: £56
PSU: 750w

OS: Windows 7 Home premium. Around £50

HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB,Internal,7200 RPM,8.89. First Hand: £60 Second: £30

Cpu: Intel Core i5 2500k 3.3ghz

Ram: 8gb DDR3 1333hz All Three: £255 (First Hand)

Motherboard: Gigabyte H61M Motherboard

Graphics: AMD RADEON HD6870 TURBO PCI EXPRESS 1024MB First Hand: £130 Second: £80

Dvd: Samsung SH-222AB Serial-ATA Internal DVD±RW OEM DVD-RAM Disk Drive Black First hand: £10

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks :).
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  1. Just some clarification.

    Are you bound to ebayUK or are you open to other sights i.e.,, or

    Are you thinking of 3 sticks of 8gb DDR3 of 24gb RAM?

    The case looks cool but I'm not sure if I'd go with a case with a built in no-name PSU. You have very little knowledge of what you are actually getting or rating on it's quality, especially with that price.

    I'd be spending less on your RAM and more on your MOB & PSU.

    Your CPU is fine, but are you planning on overclocking? If not, you could go with the i5 3550 for a little less and more CPU.

    Let me know what you think and if you have more thoughts.
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