Cannot access wireless printer; have new security key; do not know how to change

Unable to print to wireless printer. Security key was changed. I know new security key. Cannot find where to change this.
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  1. If i remember correctly you have to plug your printer in via Ethernet first and go through the setup on the printer then disconnect the Ethernet when done . What printer is it?
  2. It is an Epson Stylus C43 series. The printer has worked find as a wireless printer in the past. My drivers are up to date. This a metter of allowing my personal PC to access this printer via the new security code. Another PC can access it fine (as before) using the new security code. The security code was added to her PC via AT&T. A physical Ethernet connection should not be required. I think it s a matter of how to enter the new secuity key and associate it with my OPC.
  3. Try removing it and re detecting it on that pc or remove it completely and set it up again as a new install.
  4. First of all go to devices and printers
    remove the printer
    go to add new printer
    select add network printer
    make sure the wireless is on on the printer it should then detect it
    follow on screen instructions
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