Strange Blue lines on Radeon HD 6870

Im having an issue with my VisionTek Radeon HD 6870 1gb card. it seems to have a problem transmiting video to my 24 inch Asus 1080p monitor. but it seems to work just fine in crossfire with a different 6870 as the main card. im building another system so im going to keep the one good 6870 in my main rig and the other in a mobile rig. is there anyway i can get this video to work. it will run fine for like 2 hours then when i open up a youtube video it gets this blue screen with black thin line going from top to bottom. yet i can still hear audio for a 1min or so after this happens. Please help! :bounce:
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  1. Could you please list all of your spec's including your PSU brand and watts. Sometimes when that happens is because it could be a heat issue. So I have to ask are you monitoring your temps?

    Plus with your spec's we can look at other things that could cause your GPU to mess up. Get back to us with the info and we will go from there.
  2. Amd Phenom II X4 840 3.8Ghz overclocked (Corsair H50 Watercooled)
    8gb DDR3 1453mhz
    Asus Sabertooth 990FX Motherboard
    Vision Tek Radeon HD 6870 (2) In CrossFireX
    OCZ Agility 3 60gb SSD
    Western Digital Caviar Green 500Gb Hard drive
    Diablotek UL Series 775W power supply

    i have the g15 keyboard and im always monitoring my temps. also when i bought it it had no copper heat sink on the stuff to the left of the gpu, not the vram but something else.

    ive tryed running just a single card but it only works with the good card i have (the one that HAS copper heat sink on the thing)
  3. can you take some pics?
  4. Well if your temps are normal and you are missing a heat sink on part of the card. It can get hot and it would not show up on your monitoring. It might show a slight Increase in temps.

    It is probley a long story about that card so I am not going to ask. Since you have the good card in you don't have any problems and if you just put the bad card in you get the lines?

    That would indicate to me that card is the problem. Have you tryed to put a 3rd party cooler on it? to see if that helps. Unless you can get are or something to take the heat away from the area.

    I guess it is up to you but it is the card and weather it is the problem of the heatsink or not. I do wish you good luck on this and maybe if you get some pic for hugo maybe he knows something we don't. Good luck to you.
  5. hi there i had a problem with blue lines on my screen and strange patches in the corner even wen its booting

    what i did was open my computor up an cleaned everything inside including the graphics card with anti static gloves on and cleaned and applied thermal compound to the heat sync

    i think its best to use a compressed air pump but i just used a 1600w hoover

    if your up for opening it u can get some arctic silver thermal compound and cleaning alcohol for about £10

    and if you dont know anything u can watch videos on youtube fairly simple

    take care when opening your machine
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