Very specific BSOD

Hey people

Earlier today I was looking through my shelf of games and stumbled upon Dark Messiah - Might and Magic. This ignited a furious desire to play this amazing game again and I went on to install it. So far so good, no troubles installing or any other nonsense.

Now, when I went and double clicked the shortcut on my desktop - BOOM - BSOD code 0x3b. I rebooted 5-10 times and tried to launch the game with the same result. Now I know that these BSOD's are a video related issue so I tried pretty much everything. I've tried re-installing my video driver (removing everything NVIDIA beforehand), I've tried turning SLI off, turning SLI bacj on, disabling 2 of my 3 monitors and so on. I've also tried patching the game, removing the game and downloading it on Steam. Every single time i get the same result.

The BSOD mentions nvlddmkm.sys, sadly I have no idea how to open the dump files so I can't share those with you.

My system is as follows:
Intel Core i7 2700K
16GB Corsair Dominator 1600MHz CL8 DDR3 RAM
Tri-SLI EVGA GTX580 SuperClocked
ASUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z
Corsair Force 3 240GB SSD
2x 2TB WD RE-4GP in RAID0
Corsair AX1200 (Yes, it's far enough to run the 3 GTX580's, and yes, I have been monitoring that)

Hope you can help me
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  1. Have you tried undoing your overclocks, I know some oldish games simply wont run with things overclocked
  2. Nothing is overclocked, and it is also the only game where this happens.
  3. Hello Terinigan;

    Slip on over to the Dark Messiah - Might and Magic community forums and see what others are doing with the game on the current OS and hardware.

    This happens when a windows service crashes. As Windows services are typically rock solid, something else is usually the cause.

    If you are NOT getting Memory_Management [0x1A] or IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL_TO [0xA] BSOD's, its more likely to be a driver issue rather then a RAM issue.

    In this case, nvlddmkm is the main NVIDIA graphics driver, so it looks like a problem on the GPU side. I'd use a different driver then the one you are currently using [even if its older] and see if the issue goes away. If not, its possible your superclocked GPU is either overheating or damaged.
  5. They're brand new and 3DMark 11 and BF3 can't push them above 72 degrees celcius (I have a rather aggressive fan profile) so that shouldn't be a problem at all. I'll try an earlier driver to see if the issue disappears. Thanks. :)
  6. Even if it wont push them past 70 degrees try setting the fan up to 100% on all 3 cards (why are you using 3 580s in the first place... seems major overkill) it might be possible the VRMs are over heating and i don't think there is a temperature module for that

    This was the problem for my 5670, took me forever to figure it out -_-
  7. The issue is NOT heat related, I can tell you that much. If it doesn't crash running 3DMark or BF3 it shouldn't crash even before the Ubisoft intro starts when I launch Dark Messiah. This happens RIGHT WHEN I LAUNCH THE GAME.

    And yes, 3 580's are major overkill, but I like it that way.
  8. Ohhhh sorry, I think I confused this with another thread lol

    Have you tried the basic stuff like turning off firewalls, anti virus, or other less legit methods of play?
  9. Aint got no firewall, aint got no anti virus. :)
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