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Very specific BSOD

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January 27, 2012 2:50:29 PM

Hey people

Earlier today I was looking through my shelf of games and stumbled upon Dark Messiah - Might and Magic. This ignited a furious desire to play this amazing game again and I went on to install it. So far so good, no troubles installing or any other nonsense.

Now, when I went and double clicked the shortcut on my desktop - BOOM - BSOD code 0x3b. I rebooted 5-10 times and tried to launch the game with the same result. Now I know that these BSOD's are a video related issue so I tried pretty much everything. I've tried re-installing my video driver (removing everything NVIDIA beforehand), I've tried turning SLI off, turning SLI bacj on, disabling 2 of my 3 monitors and so on. I've also tried patching the game, removing the game and downloading it on Steam. Every single time i get the same result.

The BSOD mentions nvlddmkm.sys, sadly I have no idea how to open the dump files so I can't share those with you.

My system is as follows:
Intel Core i7 2700K
16GB Corsair Dominator 1600MHz CL8 DDR3 RAM
Tri-SLI EVGA GTX580 SuperClocked
ASUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z
Corsair Force 3 240GB SSD
2x 2TB WD RE-4GP in RAID0
Corsair AX1200 (Yes, it's far enough to run the 3 GTX580's, and yes, I have been monitoring that)

Hope you can help me

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January 27, 2012 3:33:41 PM

Have you tried undoing your overclocks, I know some oldish games simply wont run with things overclocked
January 27, 2012 3:34:26 PM

Nothing is overclocked, and it is also the only game where this happens.
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January 27, 2012 3:39:02 PM

Hello Terinigan;

Slip on over to the Dark Messiah - Might and Magic community forums and see what others are doing with the game on the current OS and hardware.
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January 27, 2012 6:18:13 PM


This happens when a windows service crashes. As Windows services are typically rock solid, something else is usually the cause.

If you are NOT getting Memory_Management [0x1A] or IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL_TO [0xA] BSOD's, its more likely to be a driver issue rather then a RAM issue.

In this case, nvlddmkm is the main NVIDIA graphics driver, so it looks like a problem on the GPU side. I'd use a different driver then the one you are currently using [even if its older] and see if the issue goes away. If not, its possible your superclocked GPU is either overheating or damaged.
January 27, 2012 6:22:41 PM

They're brand new and 3DMark 11 and BF3 can't push them above 72 degrees celcius (I have a rather aggressive fan profile) so that shouldn't be a problem at all. I'll try an earlier driver to see if the issue disappears. Thanks. :) 
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January 28, 2012 3:34:21 AM

Even if it wont push them past 70 degrees try setting the fan up to 100% on all 3 cards (why are you using 3 580s in the first place... seems major overkill) it might be possible the VRMs are over heating and i don't think there is a temperature module for that

This was the problem for my 5670, took me forever to figure it out -_-
January 28, 2012 11:32:36 PM

The issue is NOT heat related, I can tell you that much. If it doesn't crash running 3DMark or BF3 it shouldn't crash even before the Ubisoft intro starts when I launch Dark Messiah. This happens RIGHT WHEN I LAUNCH THE GAME.

And yes, 3 580's are major overkill, but I like it that way.
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January 29, 2012 1:14:46 AM

Ohhhh sorry, I think I confused this with another thread lol

Have you tried the basic stuff like turning off firewalls, anti virus, or other less legit methods of play?
January 29, 2012 3:27:48 AM

Aint got no firewall, aint got no anti virus. :)