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Another M350 + i5 thread

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October 24, 2012 10:15:11 PM

I need a small, quiet form factor PC for my desk at work. My typical usage pattern:
- In a day: 10x spikes of 100% CPU consumption, each lasting 10 minutes, to run numerically intense processes
- Additionally, in a week: 10x spikes of 100% CPU consumption, each lasting 30 minutes, to compile code
- Close to 0% CPU consumption the rest of the time
- No gaming or video editing (won't be getting a discrete GPU, even if I could fit one in the case)

I was eyeing the M350 case:

My questions are:
- Is there any benefit to going with i7 vs. an i5? I was leaning towards an i5 given I'm not doing video editing and so cannot use hyper threading
- Do I need an S or T processor given how small the M350 case is? Any recommendations for a specific processor?
- Is there a slightly larger case (I really need small and quiet, though) that could accommodate a K processor that I should be looking at?
- On the M350 specifically, if I went for an mSata SSD instead of a 2.5", would that enable me to use a full-height cooler? Any recommendations for heat sink/fan combo for this case?

Thank you very much!

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November 7, 2012 2:24:47 PM

There is no difference between an i5 and an i7 other than hyper thread, and usually turbo boost is a little better, go with the i5. The i5 runs very cool so even a high clocked one will run perfectly fine, like the 3570k.

For a slightly bigger case i would recommend this case as it supports micro ATX:

If you still need mini ITX or something then this case has better airflow:

As for the cooler I cannot say for sure.