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Hey guys, ive been looking around the web to build a decent, low cost gaming platform. Here is what i got so far

Quad core APU-
I already have a dvd drive and i might buy a AMD Readion HD 6*** series to cross fire. All of this is under 350 without the spare gpu.

So my question to you guys is 1. How well do you guys think this thing will handle games running on the source engine (TF2, L4D, Ect..) and 2. How well do you think this will hold up against newer games? ( Battlefield 3, Diablo 3, MW3, Crysis 1&2) And i dont need to run these on the highest settings or resoulutions, i just want the games to look decent. Thanks for all your time :)
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  1. Also, this is on a 500w power supply, is that to little?
  2. The PSU with that case will be junk, what is your total system budget ?
  3. are you getting tripl channel ram for a specific reason?
  4. my budget is ruffly 400, im at 350 with all these things and i still need to get a dedicated card to work with the one in the apu, i guess i can bring it up to 450 or 500. And no im not picking tripl channel ram for a specific reason, why?
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  6. Anyone in this section know if these specs are good for the games i will be playing, i also need to know what size power supply i need
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